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We create 360° virtual and augmented reality content for you or equip your planned event with the latest technology. Our applications are suitable for training, marketing, and many other areas.

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Supported by the European Union

InnoTeam ViLiEv – Virtual Live-Events

The InnoTeam researches and develops technologies and applications for virtual cultural events. Immersive computer technologies enable the embodiment of digital content that can be entered and experienced using VR glasses. Through the virtualization of people, their movements, and speech, and their representation using avatars, shared experiences in virtual space similar to a real gathering are possible. Thus, technologies for the virtualization of real cultural stage content, such as concerts, their transmission and presentation in virtual event spaces, and the subsequent interaction with viewers in multi-person applications are developed and tested in exemplary use cases. This aims to enable people to participate in cultural live events together with others, regardless of their location, as if they were physically present. This is intended to create new forms of cultural and social participation through media and communication technologies, positively impacting societal needs and the dissemination and accessibility of cultural content, while simultaneously reducing real mobility behavior.