Branded Christmas

Customisable XR Christmas Experiences

Step into a Virtual Winter Wonderland with Our magical AR/VR Christmas Experiences!

Revolutionize Your Festive Season with Immersive Digital Magic! Our custom VR and AR solutions bring your brand's Christmas spirit to life, offering an enchanting blend of interactivity and holiday cheer.

Dive into a world where your brand story becomes an unforgettable part of the festive celebration. Experience the joy of innovation this Christmas with us!

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Custom AR Mini-Games

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Key Features:

Customizable Gameplay: Tailor game themes and mechanics to fit your brand identity and message.

Interactive Branding: Seamlessly integrate your logos, colors, and branding elements into the game's design.

Wide Audience Reach: Accessible through smartphones and tablets directly in the browser, these games can captivate a diverse audience, extending your brand's reach.

Game Catalogue

Snowman Rescue Adventure

Get ready to save the day in our Snowman Rescue Adventure! In this charming AR game, players are tasked with throwing magical hats to save adorable snowmen. As they progress through festive landscapes, they'll encounter various challenges and surprises, all while engaging with your brand in a novel way.

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Spot the Difference

Discover the Thrill of 'Spot the Difference' in Augmented Reality! Our innovative AR game transforms the classic challenge into a dynamic 3D experience. Players can explore two seemingly identical festive scenes right in their own space, hunting for subtle discrepancies. This engaging game tests observation skills and offers a unique way to interact with your brand, as players immerse themselves in a detailed, branded world. It's a perfect blend of fun, focus, and festive flair!


Step into the 360° World of Memory Mastery with AR! Our game transforms the classic memory challenge into a fully immersive experience. Surrounded by memory cards in a complete 360° AR environment, players physically turn and explore their space to find matching pairs. This interactive game not only sharpens memory skills but also deeply engages players with your brand, as they interact with branded cards in a captivating, all-around digital landscape. It's an innovative twist on memory games, offering fun, engagement, and a 360° brand experience.

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Looking for Something Different?

We've Got You Covered! From thrilling AR can shooting games to other innovative experiences, our creative palette is brimming with possibilities. Something else in mind? Get in touch with us to explore more or to discuss your unique ideas. We're here to turn your vision into an immersive reality!

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Personalized Festive Greetings

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Bringing Cards to Life

Transform traditional holiday wishes into an interactive, augmented reality experience with our Augmented Festive Greetings Cards. Perfect for adding a personal and innovative touch to your seasonal messages, these cards merge the charm of physical cards with the excitement of digital technology.

Branded Animations:

Enliven your cards with small, branded animations that spring to life when viewed through a smartphone. Imagine a snowflake gently landing on your logo, or a festive scene unfolding around your brand's message.

Face Filters:

Incorporate custom AR face filters to add a fun and personalized element your cards. These could range from festive hats and reindeer antlers to branded elements that resonate with your company's identity and can be shared on social media for even more reach and engagement.

Augmented Messages:

Enhance your cards with augmented video or audio messages. When the recipient scans the card, they can sea a personalized holiday message, a jingle, or even a brief narrative tied to your brand.

Immersive Christmas Party Experiences in VR

Image depicting a joyful person with black skin color wearing a black virtual reality headset, looking to the right. They are in a Christmas setting with a minimalistic background featuring subtle holiday elements like a few lights and a small Christmas tree. The person's expression is bright and dynamic, showcasing their engagement and enjoyment in the virtual experience. The overall atmosphere is cheerful yet simple, focusing on the person's interaction with the VR world during the holiday season.

Redefine your company's Christmas celebration with our bespoke Immersive Christmas Party Experiences in Virtual Reality.

Step into enchanting virtual spaces where festivity and innovation blend to create unforgettable holiday parties.

Tailored to your brand's vision, these VR experiences are the perfect way to celebrate the season with your team in a truly unique and engaging manner.

Thrilling VR Activities

Plank Experience: A popular choice for team-building, the VR plank experience places participants on a virtual plank high above a cityscape. The surrounding buildings and scenery can be customized with your company's branding. Collaborative Games and Challenges: Foster team spirit with a range of collaborative VR games and challenges, designed to be both fun and engaging for all participants.

Benefits for Your Company

Unique Team Bonding: VR offers a novel platform for team bonding, breaking the ice and fostering camaraderie in a fun and immersive setting. Memorable Experience: These VR parties are more than just events; they're memorable experiences that your employees will talk about long after the holidays have passed.

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